About Bunnizza

The Bunnizza Restaurant Inc goal is two ways which includes, seving great tasting food and at the same time achieving recognition on a global level. Our aim is to be recognized worldwide as a chain of restaurants, that serves unpretentious and flavoursome Italian food. We want to reach out to every food lover across the globe. The Bunnizza Inc's classic preparation is an absolute divine experience.

Each and every celebration or a gathering is incomplete without a steaming hot bowl full of Pizza, loaded with the best herbs, spices and raw materials, perfect for everyone! Over the years, we have perfected the art of making the most wholesome assortment of Bunnizza. Experience the goodness of the best tasting ingredients with Bunniza Inc. We provide a variety for delicious, itlian & multicuisine traditional restaurant.

Our Team

Hare Ram Singh


Ravishekhar Kumar

Co-Founder & MD

Vishal Singh Rajpoot